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29 Aug

Hi all! hope everyone is doing ok, its been a crazy week, and I hope that everyone is doing better in Goderich and in Benmiller.

I have been keeping myself busy, and we know what that means, Me going out and eating yummy food 🙂

I went back to F.I.N.E  in Grand Bend. I have been there a few times in the past, and it is one of my absolute favourite restaurants! I have never had anything but amazing experiences at F.I.N.E.

JD and I shared two appitizers to get us started. We had the curried seafood bisque, and crab crostini. The grab crostini was unbelievable! o my goodness wow. O oh I almost forgot about the bread to start. Many restaurants provide  some sort of bread or baguette  and what not, but at F.I.N.E they bring three different kinds, and they are all housemade! the basket included mini soda biscuits, olive focaccia, and (my personal favourte) banana bread!
















Than for our mains! We both went for the special, steak tenderloin, garlic mashed potatos, and grilled asparagus, with a red onion jus.  It was perfect, melt in your mouth steak.














And then, just when you thought there is NO WAY Kaylie can eat anymore, I continued to push forward and went all the way and had probably one of the greatest deserts I have ever tasted. It was a chocolate peanut butter pie made with oreo cookie crust, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, melted fudge, o my mouth is watering again!


Not only was the food perfect, but as usual, so was the service. Our server was so knowledgeable and nice. I left F.I.N.E as one happy, and extremely full lady!!!



A Fine time

20 May

Hello world, Diva Kaylie here, I am assuming everyone is counting down the minutes until its officially the long weekend! Mine however started a little early. I wanted to get to Grand Bend before all the craziness happened to have dinner at a restaurant called Fine. I know I know, this blog is about Huron County, but Fine is literally a hop skip and a jump past the Huron County sign. Its about a 17 second drive from the County so I figured everyone would forgive me.

You will defiantly forgive me after you go to Fine and eat. In fact you may say that I changed your life even. Fine is more than fine, (the obvious pun) it is incredible! It’s a very tiny restaurant that seats about 35 inside, with the most amazing food! Honestly, I am mildly obsessed.

Last night I ordered lobster perogies as my app. They were a-maz-ing! They were not your typical perogies, they came with a creamy sauce and were covered with lobster. The pastry was clearly homemade, and a little crunchy like a pie crust. I literally could eat them every single day of my life!

For my main I had roasted chicken risotto with asparagus, and my lovely date had the fish special with garlic mash. Both dishes were absolutely perfect!

The whole experience was so wonderful from start to finish. Our server was great as well, very knowledgably and friendly. If I was a food critic I would give 5 stars, or if I was Robert and Ethert, whatever their names are, the movie critics, I would say Fine gets 2 thumbs up! This place is defiantly worth checking out. But like I said its fairly small, so make a reservation!!

– Kaylie

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