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The perfect catch in Huron County

7 May

fishingontheninemileBy Diva Jenna Ujiye

Poles, rods, lines and reels can really get confusing when it comes to me and fishing. On April 25 I decided to head down to the

There were plenty of happy fishermen on opening day this year.

There were plenty of happy fishermen on opening day this year.

river for opening fishing weekend (always the 4th Saturday in April for Zone 16 which is most of Southwestern Ontario). I went looking to catch a fish, but I caught much more than that!

One of my first memories as a child is ice fishing on a small lake in northern British Columbia with my family. I’m fairly sure I spent more time looking down the holes in the ice and gallivanting around the snow-covered lake than actually fishing. After moving to Goderich, I gave up fishing and moved on to different hobbies!

Living in the hamlet of Port Albert, Ontario, I had heard we have some really great fishing, especially along the Nine Mile River. I woke up early(ish) and headed down to the river. I was amazed at the number of vehicles in the parking lot near the bridge. There were cars, trucks, trailers and lawn chairs set up, showing me that there must be many fishermen along the river.
As I walked up to the river, there were 15-20 people fishing right under the bridge and as I walked along to see what people were

doing I ran into a fisherman carrying a fish he had just caught. I was super excited and asked him if I could take a photo. He then took a photo of me holding the fish… this is when I learned how not to hold a fish (the above photo is how not to hold a fish, the below photo is kind of how you’re supposed to hold a fish).

And here's how not to hold a fish, this diva learns.

My next stop was to find out a little bit more about fishing. I ran into a group a

fishermen who were taking a break and asked if they could share some fishing knowledge with me. They were a super welcoming group handing me yummy Italian IMG_5250style charcuterie and beverages and giving me a comfy place to sit. My first question was: What kind of fish are running right now? With a response of – Steelhead Trout! My second question was: How many fish are you allowed to catch? And the responses to this question got a little muddy. So I decided that I would do more research later on.

Port Albert General Store.

Port Albert General Store.

Another amazing asset to the area is the Port Albert General Store. I stopped in to check in with Steve, Brigitte and Angus and found the store filled with customers purchasing everything from pizza to snacks to bait and fishing gear. This store has truly embraced the community. They offer wonderful food, gas, convenience items and more. One of my favourite offers they have is their farmer’s market, which runs from May to October, but I’ll save that story for later.

So in the end, I really didn’t go fishing, but I made some new friends and found out some great fishing information! I also found out that there are quite a few rules for fishing, which can all be found online.

Find out more about outdoor recreation and other activities that make Ontario’s West Coast an ideal family getaway, by visiting online.


The Port Albert bridge is a fine place to pass time fishing.



Stocked pond provides hours of family fun

5 May

fish3By Diva Caroline Thuss

Looking for a great (and inexpensive) way to entertain everyone from young to old now that the nicer weather is here?

Hop in the car and take the short and scenic ride to Falls Reserve Conservation Area in Benmiller and check out its stocked fish pond.

My family headed out for our first fishing adventure of the year at the Falls Reserve on opening day. For the cost of a gate pass ($15 per vehicle) and a fishing permit ($8 for adult and $4 for child) for the stocked pond we were ready to enjoy several hours at the beautiful location.

fish5Don’t have a fishing rod? Don’t worry! The Falls Reserve is a loaner site for the OFAH / OPG TackleShare program where you can sign out a rod, etc. like you borrow from a library! The fish pond is located shortly after you enter the park and very close to the Maitland trail. There is lots of room for picnic lunch on the grass or a table nearby.

When we arrived there were already several people around the pond looking for that beautiful big trout. Some were using spinners, others jigs, and some the classic worm bait to get them to bite. We chatted briefly to the father and his son who had caught their quota of four beautiful trout already and were heading out. It was great to see so many people taking advantage of this program.

We enjoyed the sun while we cast out our lines hoping that we might get lucky. It did not take too long before we had a fish on the line and were able to reel in a nice sized trout, which my kids were super excited about…okay I was a little excited too as it has been a long time since I was able to catch a nice sized fish. We did release a few other lucky ones as the kids were more excited about the chance to reel one in than the thought of eating our new “friend” for dinner. It is all about building a positive experience for the children and encouraging them to practice sustainable fishing.

We will be back on July fourth when they host the Family Fishing derby, which is like a small derby for children with lots of prizes fish6and excitement from what I have been told.   This annual event will occur from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  There is no cost to participate although park admission will apply.  The maximum park admission fee is $15 for a car load of people.  There are three age categories (10 and under, 11-17, 18+) and prizes will be awarded for the three longest fish caught in each category.  A prize will also be awarded for the smallest fish of the day.  There will be a variety of prizes donated by local sponsors and provided by the Falls Reserve C.A.  After prizes have been awarded according to the categories a draw will be held to give away the remaining prizes so all participants are encouraged to register to be eligible to win a prize.  They must also be in attendance to win a prize.  There will be a barbecue and refreshments available during the event.  Bait will also be available to purchase.

We were able to enjoy a short hike on the Maitland Trail as well before heading back into town to dress the fish and get it ready for the barbecue. Yummy! You can access the recipe I used here.

What: Falls Reserve Conservation Area

Where: 80900 Falls Reserve Line, RR 4, Goderich, ON N7A 3Y1

Why: Stocked Trout Pond

When: Day permits valid from 8 am. to 10 p.m.

Cost: Daily vehicle permit: $15. Daily pond permit: $8, adults; $4, children aged 5 to 12 (April 25 to June 26, trout only); no charge children aged 5 to 12 (June 27 to Sept. 30, catch and release only.)



Ten reasons to visit Bayfield sometime soon

22 Apr

10bayfield eventsNEW

Canoeing and Carrying on

13 Jun

Canoeing on the Maitland

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

I have always been one to enjoy being on the water and try to get out canoeing at least once a year. A few weeks ago I headed out on the Maitland River and set out for a weekend of canoeing and camping with a bunch of friends. I was fairly excited as last year the water was really low and we weren’t able to get out at all.

Fishing and canoeing Getting ready to canoestretch of it! We started out at Belgrave Road and meandered the river for a few hours until we stopped right at Auburn. My boyfriend had rigged up our canoe with a motor, but the water was flowing fairly quick and we didn’t end up using it (luckily, as it just seemed totally silly!).

Now what I find is the major trick to canoeing and camping is the packing. You have to make sure you bring enough – but not too much – so your canoe is still comfortable. We were able to do this by dropping of the majority of our overnight needs at the camping site and just taking our lunch and extra clothing with us.

At the campsite Canoeing on the Maitland Canoeing on the Maitland

My favourite parts of the trip were as follows:

– Seeing the forest floor covered in our Ontario flower – the Trillium

– Watching a friend endlessly catch tiny little fish

– Stopping for lunch in an amazing picturesque setting

– Giggling while one of the canoes somehow filled with water and sank (of course all in good fun, they just emptied it and were good to go again without loosing anything)

If you are looking for more information about paddling in Huron, here is a link to the Huron County Fishing and paddling guide: http://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/?page_id=248

Have you caught a fish this year?

10 Jun


By Diva Jenna Ujiye

Since 1980 Gloria and Dave Hedley have been running Hedley’s Trout Farm. I stopped by a couple of weeks ago to check out the place and see if the fish were biting! The farm is located at 84534 Marnoch Line in a beautiful slice of Huron County country-side.

First I will say that Dave is quite the character.  He will tell you when you arrive that his place is not for catch-and-release fishing – it is a farm, just like any other farm.

Caught a Fish at Hedley's

Since Hedley’s is a farm you do not need a fishing licence, there are no catch limits and there is no closed season, and no entrance fee! This is about the closest way to guarantee that you will catch a fish! While I was there we came across a family that had caught four or five rainbow and brown trout. Each of the kids had caught at least one fish and they were super happy.

My favourite part of this experience is that you can catch a fish and pay just a small amount to have it either scaled or filleted. The cost for your fish is $0.50 per inch and guess what, if you don’t have a pole you can rent one! They also have bait for purchase.  The one other “catch” is that you will have to get up early as fish bite the best in the morning!

Fish Jumping for food

Overall my experience with Hedley’s was great.   Dave even fed the fish and you could see them almost jumping out of the water. If you are looking for a great experience, where you get to bring lunch or dinner home, this is a great way to spend a morning! If you are looking for more information visit: http://www.hedley.ca

Shall I paddle?

8 Jun

Huron has sooo many rivers and ponds that can be explored. The Huron County Fishing guide has a map of all of the waterways along with the types of fish and tips and tricks in it. This year we have decided to add a paddling layer on to the fishing map.

I do have a kayak, but typically spend my time out on the nine mile close to my house!

Does anyone out there have a favourite place on the river to paddle? We will be putting the guide together in the next couple of months, so if you can send us some ideas, we’d love them! Check out the current guide below!

Staycationing… Save some money on gas!

26 Mar

Send me Staycation Ideas if you have them!!!

Is “staycation” a word? I think so! For me this week has been about learning and finding out new information. I was at a “super” conference on Tuesday, where many people from around Huron County attended to learn about – Economic Development Strategies, Immigration in Huron, Transportation in Huron, Social Enterprise and The Huron County Sustainability plan.

Dr.Wayne Caldwell (Check out his website to learn more – http://www.waynecaldwell.ca/ )started off the day telling us about a few key factors to keep in mind on a daily basis. One of them really stuck with me, gas… or Peak Oil. Our world is in a situation where we may be paying large amounts of money to fill our vehicles with gasoline. I am not going to get in to any logistics, but I will say that a tank of gas could cost much more than we are paying now.I also got to hear more about Sustainable Huron, in which the County of Huron is creating a plan right now. We need to be sustainable to keep the current lifestyle we have. Check out the blog to learn more – http://sustainablehuron.wordpress.com/

So this got me to thinking about summer vacation, should I I take a staycation instead? There are so many wonderful attractions in the area that I could spend weeks checking them all out, for much less money than driving or flying out of the area.

So far I plan on doing the following:

Heading to the beach at Point Farms, Spending the day at Above the Falls Challenge Course (climbing and having fun!), Culinary delights, Renting a canoe from Timber’s Outfitters in Seaforth, Hiking and I am going to try to fish!

Again, if you have any ideas of things for me to check out, send them my way!