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Hike your butt off!

24 May

So really, I do mean hike your butt off. Well, that is what I am going to try to do anyway! Huron County has 27 hiking trails with 142.97 km of trails. This summer I am going to try to hike it all. I have in the past hiked the majority of the trails, but never in one summer. I just looked through all of the trails today in the Huron County Hiking Guide, and I think I will be able to handle most of them!

My boyfriends parents, Joanne and Mike, are the quintessential hikers. They have hiked all over the place. So my plan is to chat with them and get some hiking tips. I actually went out with them in the fall last year and we had lots of fun! At one point we thought we saw an eagle… but it turned out to be a Seagull. Here are some photos of the hike we went on! If you would like to find out more about hiking click here: http://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/?page_id=386

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A visitor from Banff – Part 1

23 May

My friend Marie from Banff called me up one day and said she was coming for a visit to Ontario. She said she had never been here and wanted me to show her around “Ontario’s West Coast.” She was only here for two days, but we were able to cram in lots of food and fun! First we made a stop at Shanahan’s Quality Meats in Goderich, where we picked up O’Briens sausage, bread and cheese. This place has some awesome local meat and unique food items.

Marie at my houseJennaWhen we got to my house Marie said she wanted to make us an appetizer dish, she mixed fresh garlic, brie cheese, olive oil and local maple syrup and baked it in the oven. Let me just say… yummy! It was so delicious and simple, we finished every drop.

For dinner we barbecued sausage and potatoes and had a spinach salad and wine with it. By the time we finished dinner it was time to go to bed and prepare for the next day!

I will be posting our next days adventure tomorrow, so make sure to check back!

Top 5 reasons to carry the Ontario’s West Coast Vacation Guide in your car!

10 May

2011 HURON COUNTY VACATION GUIDEI’m sure many of you have been wondering why I haven’t posting… well there isn’t one reason in particular, but I have been getting ready for the 2011 season. We had the brochure swap last week and were preparing the 2011 Ontario’s West Coast Vacation Guide and Cycling guide, along with the www.visithuron.ca website, 2011 Taste of Huron and Best Host, West Coast events, along with consumer shows and more. I’m sure you’ll notice that this site is filled with amazing Huron County adventures, food and experiences, so I thought I should post some info about the Ontario’s West Coast Vacation Guide. I thought I would start with a top 5:

1. Every tourism business is Huron County is in it.

2. It is filled with information about fun things to do.

3. There are maps for Cross Country Skiing and Hiking Trails, Natural Areas, Beaches and roads.

4. If the internet goes down you will be able to find what you need!

5. Everybody is doing it.

So if you are looking to vacation on Ontario’s West Coast this summer get your 2011 guide. There are many ways to do this:

1. Pick one up at a local information centre

2. Email us – tourism@huroncounty.ca

3. Call us – 519-524-8394 ext. 239

4. Download it at: http://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/?page_id=250



Remembering: The beach in 2010

5 May

So the weather of spring 2011 has not been the greatest so far… So I thought I would post a story of the beach and campfires in the summer of 2010 to remind everyone of what is soon to come!

My friend Shawna called me up in June and said that her and her daughter Hilary wanted to come up to my house and go to the beach and camp out. We decided on a weekend in July. Hilary and Shawna got here around 2pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we immediately headed to the beach in Port Albert. It was almost 30 degrees and the sun was shining. We set up our towels and a shade umbrella and ran into the water. Was it ever refreshing! The three of us played mermaid games in the water and watched as boats went by further out. Then we played in the sand for a bit, went back in the water and cleaned the sand off and headed back to my house for a barbecue, campfire and of course to set up the tent! After setting up the tent we sat by the campfire, made s’mores and played with sparklers.

At the beach in Port AlbertShawna and Hilary at the beach in PA

Hilary at the beach

CampfireThe Tent

A Girls Getaway Photo Shoot

20 Mar

This week was a catch up week and I needed a “Girls Getaway” photo for an ad. Kaylie and I had planned a meeting in Bayfield, so I invited Brittany Fry and Monica Walker-Bolton to come with me. I don’t know how many times a month I am looking for models for photo shoots, but this time everything worked out perfectly! We ended up finding another friend while in Bayfield, so it made for a great day and perfect photo shoot!

If you are interested in modeling or being in out photo shoots, leave a comment below!

Check out some of the photos below:

Girls Getaway
Girls Getaway 2

Girls Getaway 2Girls Getaway 3

Girls Getaway 4

Girls Getaway 4

Puppies need friends too!

14 Mar

We have all been complaining, well atleast I have, about the weather and the lack of things to occupy us over these snowy months. Our pets are also feeling the winter blues, and you can change that! At the REACH (Regional Equine & Agricultural Centre of Huron) Centre, located at 169 Beech Street, Clinton, there is a leash free dog park! It is the only leash free park in the area. This park provides your best pal with a chance to socialize with other pups and have some quality time off the leash to run free and burn off some energy. For just a toonie the park provides double gates, washrooms, and water for you dog. This park is open Sundays 4-5pm. Check out the website for more information, www.reachhuron.ca

Dogs : $2

People: free


Stag and Doe

10 Mar

Hey all,

I am sitting in my kitchen right now looking out the window, its grey and pouring rain. I dont want to complain since rain is clearly better than snow, but come on already enough is enough, i need some sunshine in my life! How am i supposed to blog about the wonders and beauty of central huron if I dont want to go outside! Well, I cant control the weather, but I can brighten your spirits. Enough sitting inside with nothing to do, it is time to get excited for spring! Living in central huron we all know what spring means, STAG AND DOE SEASON!!!! finally, something to look forward too! This blog has a little bit of a selfish purpose, today I am  plugging my girl Steph Milleys stag and doe! She is marrying her high school sweetheart in July, and will be having a stag and doe on Saturday May 7th above the old arena! Tickets are going fast, however, I still have some! So, if you would like just send me a facebook message, or an emial, kaylieginn@gmail.com and I will hook you up. Looking forward to seeing everyones beautiful faces this spring 🙂