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Family adventure on the trail

3 Oct

by Diva Rachel Lynn

On this adventure you’ll meet our amazing, loving, family pet dog named Hank.  We thought about getting a dog for a long time, 1 year to be exact.  We knew it would be a lot of responsibility and wanted to make sure we were good and ready. We knew Hank was the “one” when we went to choose our new family member.  He jumped over his brothers and sisters to get our attention.  Fast forward 2 ½ years.  Hank loves going for walks.  Around the block, downtown, or on trails. He isn’t picky.

On this day, we decide to take the whole family out to the Menesetung Bridge on the north end of Goderich.  The hike is 3.2 km long; short enough for (my daughter) Bea and long enough for Hank to burn off some energy.  I was surprised that my husband suggested this on a Sunday afternoon, football day in our house!  I jumped at the opportunity.

It is a beautiful sunny day.  I can see fisherman in the Maitland River, many people and their pets passing us as we start our hike.  I even see a few golfers at the Maitland Golf Course.  I have been on this trail many times in the summer, spring and fall.  Our hikes usually take us east but today we decide to go west.

The trail starts on an incline and even gets my heart beating a bit faster. This doesn’t last very long and then flattens out for the remainder of the walk.


At the half way point we find the Maitland Inlet Marina which is on the north side of the Saltmine .  I completely forgot this gem was here.  We walked around to the beach side and just took in the beauty of it all.  On our way back we can walk on the lake side of the trail and there are various lookouts where you can get a peak of the lake.


At the end I have one happy dog and one content baby.  The sun is shining; we enjoyed nature and some family time.  Life is good.




Naftels Creek Family Hike

18 Jul

Hiking at Naftels Creek

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

At almost mid-point between Bayfield and Goderich Ontario there is a wonderful hiking trail called Naftels Creek ( http://www.hikehuron.ca/site/?page_id=53 ). I had been discussing an outdoor fun photo shoot with my friend Dana for a month or so and we finally decided on Naftels Creek trail.

Dana, her husband Dave, their son Cullen and I had a great hike and so much fun searching for lady bugs, fish and other animals! I hadn’t been out to the trail in a while and it seemed a bit different than in the past. Of course, I forgot my hiking guide so I tried to take note of the trail markers along the trail. Well, within about 1 kilometer I totally forgot what colour we were following, so we ended up hiking the whole trail… plus some!

Naftels Creek Hiking

Naftels Creek Hiking

Naftels Creek Hiking

Naftels Creek Hiking

The trail meanders through mixed conifer plantations, hardwood and wetland areas. It is a great length for young families and even strollers would make it through the majority of the trail.

Naftels Creek Hiking

Naftels Creek Hiking

Naftels Creek Hiking

Naftels Creek Hiking

This trail is only one of the 28 that exist in Huron County, so if you are interested in Hiking, make sure to pick up copy of the Ontario’s West Coast hiking guide or visit it online: www.hikehuron.ca

danaanddave-1 danaanddave-53

Information about the Trail:

3.2 km loop

Difficulty Level
Level 2 – moderate, wear comfortable, sturdy shoes

Trail Use
Walking, Skiing, Pets on leash

Trail Hazards
Poison ivy in wet areas, steep hill on blue trail

Trail Surface
Natural surface, some boardwalks

Cost for Using Trail

Driving Directions
Located about 7 km south of Goderich on Hwy. #21. Parking is available just off Hwy. #21 at the trail access point – # 79152. Between Union Rd. and Kitchigami Rd.

Family Day in the Country

27 Feb


by Diva Jenna

There seems to be more and more family day activities planned each year, as the holiday becomes more prominent. Many of the events are planned for children, which I don’t have, but I sure do love taking part in adventures!

I wanted to spend the day with my family, so we decided to take a drive and walk in Goderich. What a beauty day for this! We watched lots of families and friends walking and playing in yards and public places.


When we got home, Taylor decided to try out his new dirt bike ( I know, there isn’t much dirt showing right now, but he had just picked it up on Saturday!). Dirt biking and four-wheeling are leisure hobbies in my family and town for that matter. Even our cat Aiko venture out with us sometimes!  It seems that most people in Port Albert have one or the other. It was a bit cold out, but Taylor braved the weather and rode the bike around for almost an hour!

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All in all we had a great day and we were very happy to have the Monday off to spend time together. If you are looking for cool events happening in Huron, check out this calendar and start planning your trip here – http://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/events/events.php

Our Countryside – So Beautiful!

2 Jul

I was out driving around the county last week and was noticing how beautiful the wonderful Countryside is!

I thought I would post some pics to remind everyone how pretty Ontario’s West Coast is!

Hike your butt off!

24 May

So really, I do mean hike your butt off. Well, that is what I am going to try to do anyway! Huron County has 27 hiking trails with 142.97 km of trails. This summer I am going to try to hike it all. I have in the past hiked the majority of the trails, but never in one summer. I just looked through all of the trails today in the Huron County Hiking Guide, and I think I will be able to handle most of them!

My boyfriends parents, Joanne and Mike, are the quintessential hikers. They have hiked all over the place. So my plan is to chat with them and get some hiking tips. I actually went out with them in the fall last year and we had lots of fun! At one point we thought we saw an eagle… but it turned out to be a Seagull. Here are some photos of the hike we went on! If you would like to find out more about hiking click here: http://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/?page_id=386

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Staycationing… Save some money on gas!

26 Mar

Send me Staycation Ideas if you have them!!!

Is “staycation” a word? I think so! For me this week has been about learning and finding out new information. I was at a “super” conference on Tuesday, where many people from around Huron County attended to learn about – Economic Development Strategies, Immigration in Huron, Transportation in Huron, Social Enterprise and The Huron County Sustainability plan.

Dr.Wayne Caldwell (Check out his website to learn more – http://www.waynecaldwell.ca/ )started off the day telling us about a few key factors to keep in mind on a daily basis. One of them really stuck with me, gas… or Peak Oil. Our world is in a situation where we may be paying large amounts of money to fill our vehicles with gasoline. I am not going to get in to any logistics, but I will say that a tank of gas could cost much more than we are paying now.I also got to hear more about Sustainable Huron, in which the County of Huron is creating a plan right now. We need to be sustainable to keep the current lifestyle we have. Check out the blog to learn more – http://sustainablehuron.wordpress.com/

So this got me to thinking about summer vacation, should I I take a staycation instead? There are so many wonderful attractions in the area that I could spend weeks checking them all out, for much less money than driving or flying out of the area.

So far I plan on doing the following:

Heading to the beach at Point Farms, Spending the day at Above the Falls Challenge Course (climbing and having fun!), Culinary delights, Renting a canoe from Timber’s Outfitters in Seaforth, Hiking and I am going to try to fish!

Again, if you have any ideas of things for me to check out, send them my way!