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Motorcycle Riding and Mud Boggn’

23 May

During the summer I love to drive around on my quad and explore the sites. I usually only get out three of four times during the year, but it is worthwhile!

I was just looking at my calendar and realized that this coming weekend, May 27 & 28, is a big deal for people who are in to riding  Motorcycles and Four-wheelers. I was really involved in the Forbidden Ride in 2009 & 2010, but am just singing at the BBQ afterwards this year. Make sure to sign up for the events if you are in to either of these two sports! The South Huron Mud Boggn event is the first annual and I have heard that many people have signed up to make their way through the mud.

Ride Huron Perth, Forbidden Ride – May 27 & 28

On May 27 and 28, 2011, the streets of Perth Huron will be filled with the sound of roaring motorcycles cruising their way from Shakespeare to Goderich as they take a Forbidden Ride.

Perth and Huron Counties have once again partnered together to support the Perth Big Brothers and Big Sisters organizations while offering all motorcycle enthusiasts a fun weekend adventure they’ll never forget. The Forbidden Ride weekend will kick off with a police escorted ride through downtown Stratford to the Stratford Avon Theater for ‘Biker’s Night’. See the rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar on May 27 and save 25%! To save, call the Stratford Shakespeare Festival box office at 1-800-567-1600 or go online at www.stratfordshakespearefestival.com with promotion code 36815 to get your tickets!

On Saturday morning, participants are encouraged to visit one of our many fantastic restaurants for a delicious breakfast. Then be sure to browse through some of the unique shops before heading to the Perth County Welcome Centre and Artisan Market in Shakespeare to begin the Forbidden Ride. The cost to participate in the ride is $30.00 for the first rider and $15.00 for a passenger, with all of the proceeds being donated to the Perth Big Brothers and Big Sisters organizations.

The Forbidden Ride will take you from countryside to coastline, with bikers stopping in at least 5 different towns to collect stamps on the “roads less travelled”. You will stop at various attractions throughout the two counties to explore the exciting landscapes and forbidden finds we have to offer! It will end with a savoury BBQ featuring local foods, live music and great prizes will await you.

May 11, 2011
Ben Forrest
EXETER – Mud bogging, a popular motorsport where competitors race through mud pits, isn’t new to Exeter.But organizers of a May 28 event want to bring the sport to town on a bigger way, potentially creating an annual tradition on par with the Exeter Rodeo.

Dubbed “South Huron Mud Bogg’n 2011,” the event will allow ATV and utility vehicle owners to race through mud pits at Country Corners Rent-All and neighbouring property, at the south end of Exeter.

Participants will be divided into 10 different classes, with winners decided either by the distance travelled through a pit, or the time they take to make it through.

A partnership of Country Corners Rent-All and the Municipality of South Huron, the event will also serve as this year’s major fundraiser for the MainStreets Exeter downtown revitalization project.

Country Corners hosted a similar event in 2009 – a cancer fundraiser in memory of Mike Lightfoot that was well-attended.

South Huron Mud Bogg’n 2011 will run all day, with vendors opening at around 8 a.m. according to Peter Armstrong, chairperson of the MainStreets Exeter promotion committee.

ATV dealers and food vendors are expected to be on hand, and races are slated to run from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There are plans to have a shuttle bus running hourly from Mud Bogg’n to downtown Exeter, where spectators can shop or dine.

Organizers hope to park the shuttle at the Exeter Parkette, where it’s expected Big Brothers Big Sisters South Huron will hold a fundraising barbecue.

Registrants for Mudd Bogg’n 2011 include those from as far away as Hamilton and Dunnville, according to Armstrong.

“People are coming a distance just to have the opportunity to play in the mud for a day,” he said.

Those participating must provide their own ATV or utility vehicle, and the hope is Mudd Bogg’n will become an annual event.

“We expect this to snowball into quite a large event year after year,” Armstrong said.

Organizers are looking for volunteers to help out, offering free admission and a free T-shirt as compensation.

Those interested can contact Mark Cassidy at MainStreets Exeter. Vendor space is still available, and registration for mud bogging itself was still open at press time.
For more information, visit http://www.mudboggn.com


Top 5 reasons to carry the Ontario’s West Coast Vacation Guide in your car!

10 May

2011 HURON COUNTY VACATION GUIDEI’m sure many of you have been wondering why I haven’t posting… well there isn’t one reason in particular, but I have been getting ready for the 2011 season. We had the brochure swap last week and were preparing the 2011 Ontario’s West Coast Vacation Guide and Cycling guide, along with the www.visithuron.ca website, 2011 Taste of Huron and Best Host, West Coast events, along with consumer shows and more. I’m sure you’ll notice that this site is filled with amazing Huron County adventures, food and experiences, so I thought I should post some info about the Ontario’s West Coast Vacation Guide. I thought I would start with a top 5:

1. Every tourism business is Huron County is in it.

2. It is filled with information about fun things to do.

3. There are maps for Cross Country Skiing and Hiking Trails, Natural Areas, Beaches and roads.

4. If the internet goes down you will be able to find what you need!

5. Everybody is doing it.

So if you are looking to vacation on Ontario’s West Coast this summer get your 2011 guide. There are many ways to do this:

1. Pick one up at a local information centre

2. Email us – tourism@huroncounty.ca

3. Call us – 519-524-8394 ext. 239

4. Download it at: http://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/?page_id=250



Brochure Swap

28 Apr

Hello friends,

Today I had the privilege of heading to the 2011 Brochure swap and tourism event at the Seaforth & District Community Centre. Basically what happens is a great number of business owners come and display their brochures, showcasing what they have to offer, events they have planned, etc.

Everyone gets a chance to talk, network, and learn about each others business.

It was really an interesting day. It started off with a guest speaker that broke down tourism in Huron County, demonstrating how we could improve, where we thrive and how we can have towns combine ideas and work together to increase tourism, and ‘staycationing’.

I really enjoyed this because it gave me some perspective on places I was not quite as familiar with in the county. I have had every intention of traveling more with this blog, but with unfortunate weather I have not been out as much as I had hoped. I also was rather unsure of where I should be visiting, I mostly planned on just chancing it and going wherever the wind blew me :). However, after this event I feel I have a much better grasp on where I should go next. In fact, I am really looking forward to visiting some towns and discovering what they are known for! So be ready my friends, I am going to spice things up in the next month and really begin showcasing what Huron County has to offer that I am not even aware of yet. I cant wait to discover more, because what I have discovered this far I LOVE, and it can only get better!


This picture is of Jenna setting up the amazing silent auction that was at the brochure swap.

Staycationing… Save some money on gas!

26 Mar

Send me Staycation Ideas if you have them!!!

Is “staycation” a word? I think so! For me this week has been about learning and finding out new information. I was at a “super” conference on Tuesday, where many people from around Huron County attended to learn about – Economic Development Strategies, Immigration in Huron, Transportation in Huron, Social Enterprise and The Huron County Sustainability plan.

Dr.Wayne Caldwell (Check out his website to learn more – http://www.waynecaldwell.ca/ )started off the day telling us about a few key factors to keep in mind on a daily basis. One of them really stuck with me, gas… or Peak Oil. Our world is in a situation where we may be paying large amounts of money to fill our vehicles with gasoline. I am not going to get in to any logistics, but I will say that a tank of gas could cost much more than we are paying now.I also got to hear more about Sustainable Huron, in which the County of Huron is creating a plan right now. We need to be sustainable to keep the current lifestyle we have. Check out the blog to learn more – http://sustainablehuron.wordpress.com/

So this got me to thinking about summer vacation, should I I take a staycation instead? There are so many wonderful attractions in the area that I could spend weeks checking them all out, for much less money than driving or flying out of the area.

So far I plan on doing the following:

Heading to the beach at Point Farms, Spending the day at Above the Falls Challenge Course (climbing and having fun!), Culinary delights, Renting a canoe from Timber’s Outfitters in Seaforth, Hiking and I am going to try to fish!

Again, if you have any ideas of things for me to check out, send them my way!





Rise and Shine, its breakfast time!

21 Mar

Hey all! Hope everyone has finally recovered from St Patrick’s Day! Saturday evening I went out and continued to celebrate my inner Irish, unfortunately Sunday morning I looked green for entirely different reasons. I sucked it up though and went to town for the perfect hangover cure,Wicked Willies breakfast! I chose the classic ‘rise and shine’ breakfast,  and I was right, it cured            my  hangover! Over easy eggs, crispy hashbrowns, 4 pieces, count                em, 4 pieces of bacon, and toast. It was perfection. Wickeds defiantly          knows how to serve up the perfect breakfast! So next time you feel like         a yummy breakfast and don’t feel like cooking, head up to Wicked                 Willies! The service was great, the food came quick, all in all a great             place to go and enjoy breakfast!

Seeya there!


Free skating and cookies…SOLD

18 Mar

Wednesday afternoon I took advantage of the free skating that zehrs sponsored at the old arena during young Canada week, as soon as i stepped out onto the ice all my childhood memories came flooding back to me. I spent so much time at that arena. I figured skating and played hockey there, I went public skating with my family friends all the time, I once even fell in the toilet in the girls washroom playing tag with my best friend Meghan, ruining my brand new and very trendy boots, which I never told my mother about. The arena was my playground,  even the smell of it, which many find the odor to be nothing but dirty hockey equipment and sweat, made me smile.

Going back on Wednesday was a very pleasant experience. It was mostly kids, many that could barely even skate, out with there parents and grandparents. Kids were racing around without a care in the world. It was nice to see that something as simple as skating can bring together so many people. They had music pumping, and I  got  a little carried away trying to figure skate in my hockey skates to some Lady GaGa, I am sure I looked cool doing it! Zehrs also had a snack station set up for everyone when they came off the ice, hot chocolate, tea, and cookies. What else could you want, especially considering it was all free! Anyways just wanted to send a thanks out to Zehrs and all the voulenteers who took time out of their day to help make the day of others 🙂



18 Mar

I had a life changing moment the other day when I was informed that on Thursday  nights at Boston Pizza you can order any large pizza for 15 bucks! ANYTHING!!! Last thursday i decided to embrace this new information and hit Boston Pizza up. It was awesome, but there was one problem, how the heck do i decide which pizza I want??? I can have anything I want on it, where do I even start? I decided to take the healthy route since I intended on eating quite a bit of pizza, so i ordered the vegetarian on whole wheat crust and it was incredible.  I am not typically a fan of chain restaurants, but that was some good pizza! The best part of it all is that it was a $30 pizza and I got it for half price. Needless to say I will be going back on Thursdays to get me some more pizza!