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Taste of Huron is over :(

13 Sep

Hello all!!!

Alright so just this past weekend, Taste of Huron came to an end… I had mixed feelings about this. I was slightly saddened. For two weeks I ate the best food that Huron County had to offer. A minimum of three courses, all which included a fantastic dessert! I ate at the Blyth Inn, the Black Dog, the Little Inn, Eddingtons, Hessenland, the Fireside Cafe and finally I finished the Taste of Huron of with the Gala. All the restaurants were so fantastic and I enjoyed them all.

I am however feeling a slight sense of relief.. I ate soooo much in the last two weeks, I wont lie to you. I may have gained a few pounds, but it was totally  worth it!

I will provide a short slideshow of just a few of the delicious things I was able to consume ..

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YOU SHOULD BE! that was only about a quarter of what I got to eat! But no worries my friends, the Taste of Huron is an annual event and now you KNOW that you MUST come and attend Taste of Huron next year!




29 Aug

Hi all! hope everyone is doing ok, its been a crazy week, and I hope that everyone is doing better in Goderich and in Benmiller.

I have been keeping myself busy, and we know what that means, Me going out and eating yummy food 🙂

I went back to F.I.N.E  in Grand Bend. I have been there a few times in the past, and it is one of my absolute favourite restaurants! I have never had anything but amazing experiences at F.I.N.E.

JD and I shared two appitizers to get us started. We had the curried seafood bisque, and crab crostini. The grab crostini was unbelievable! o my goodness wow. O oh I almost forgot about the bread to start. Many restaurants provide  some sort of bread or baguette  and what not, but at F.I.N.E they bring three different kinds, and they are all housemade! the basket included mini soda biscuits, olive focaccia, and (my personal favourte) banana bread!
















Than for our mains! We both went for the special, steak tenderloin, garlic mashed potatos, and grilled asparagus, with a red onion jus.  It was perfect, melt in your mouth steak.














And then, just when you thought there is NO WAY Kaylie can eat anymore, I continued to push forward and went all the way and had probably one of the greatest deserts I have ever tasted. It was a chocolate peanut butter pie made with oreo cookie crust, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, melted fudge, o my mouth is watering again!


Not only was the food perfect, but as usual, so was the service. Our server was so knowledgeable and nice. I left F.I.N.E as one happy, and extremely full lady!!!


Shopping in the county

6 Jul

This afternoon I had a few free hours so I decided to take to the streets and go shopping! Well today was just window shopping, I seem to be a little low on the cash funds, but thats a whole different story. Anyways, I walked down to Main Street in Bayfield to check out the shops and believe you me, if I had more money I would have come home with a whole lotta stuff! That is one thing I love about Huron County, all the unique shops.

I rememeber as a kid whenever I wanted to go shopping I insisted my mother drive me to London so that I could get all the coolest clothes. Well a lot has changed since then and I really love doing my shopping locally. Not only to support our local businesses, but also because the stores in Huron County are so unique. I dont know how many times I have went out wearing an outfit I found at a small boutique and had people gush over it. When I tell them i got it in Bayfield, or on the Square in Goderich, or at a shop in Exeter they always seem shocked. What makes me enjoy it even more is that I rarely, if ever, see someone wearing the same outfit.

Huron County shops allow an individual to express themselves rather than dressing in conformity. I mentioned a few months ago about how I did all my christmas shopping the year before in Huron County and it was really easy! Next time you are looking for the perfect birthday gift, or a new outfit for a wedding, or anything, just head to the many  shops that Huron County has to offer. I would be shocked if you didnt have any luck!

Sushi in the county? whaaaa?

29 Jun

Hey everyone,

A few days ago I mentioned about how I had the perfect weekend. Well the weekend didn’t stop! It continued until the wee hours of Sunday evening. I went back to the Little Inn – yup I was there Friday and Sunday night, it’s that good. However, Sunday was for a very special event, SUSHI NIGHT!  It was the chefs birthday and he had his friend come down and make sushi, with a fusion twist.  As much as I absolutely love Huron County, there is somewhat of a lack of ethnicity when it comes to cuisine, so as soon as I heard sushi was coming to down I was 100% on board!

Needless  to say the food was absolutely amazing! It was 7 courses of perfection. I took a picture of every course for you so you can be jealous of what I got to enjoy! I would write a description of everything, however, there was too much to remember, with a bunch of words I have never heard of, let alone pronounce.  I may also had a few glasses of wine, so my memory isn’t 100% -oopies! I do however remember that the food was perfect, the service was perfect, the night was perfect. The Little Inn is such a great place to go and have a night out.

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I’m baaaack!

25 Jun

Hello my dear  friends!

I am very sorry that I have not been around this last week, just had a few things going on, but I am back and ready to blog! So first things first I will tell you about my wonderful night out in Huron County last night. It began in St Josephs at Tuscan Greek for appetizers and wine. We had Spanakopita, which is phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, with a side of tzatziki, and saganaki flaming cheese, with grilled pitas. Considering we went for appetizers, I left feeling quite full. Flaming cheese is very filling. I am not joking about this flaming cheese either, they literally bring it to the table, throw some brandy on it and light it on fire! Opah! Scary, yet delicious. I don’t recommend ordering it if you are on a diet 🙂

                     <—- flaming cheese, it is not on fire anymore, but it was still                                  bubbling pretty good!







Spanakopita, as usual I got over-excited and ate  before taking a picture of the dish. Oopsie 🙂          ——->





After we finished our appetizers, we headed back to Bayfield to the Little Inn for our entrée. But being the ridiculous person that I am, I needed to try one tiny little appetizer, and I am SO glad I did. It was a grilled cheese with a twist. The bread was coated in duck fat with three cheeses and prosciutto. Oh man – perfection! This time it wasnt my fault that the picture got taken after we started eating because my date dove in before I even had a chance!



SO TASTY! it was like a party in my mouth!!!






After we demolished the fancy grilled cheese we were ready for our mains! I ordered beef filet with carrots and a fancy potato with mushrooms, and Jd had the ‘fish and chips’. The cool thing about this dish was there actually were no chips at all.  Instead the fish was battered in a potato batter, rather than the traditional beer batter. Both were out of this world. The beef was 10 oz of pure perfection and the fish had the most amazing crunch. They both were so perfect! We were feeling quite full though after all the appetizers consumed before hand. But I will let you know, the steak leftovers made a mean sandwich today!!


After all that I was feeling very full and very satisfied! But then, to our surprise, we were treated with the most amazing sorbet I have ever tasted. Strawberry and champagne. It was honestly the most amazing and delicious thing of all time! Ugh, I want more! It was the perfect night out in Huron County.

– Kaylie

A Fine time

20 May

Hello world, Diva Kaylie here, I am assuming everyone is counting down the minutes until its officially the long weekend! Mine however started a little early. I wanted to get to Grand Bend before all the craziness happened to have dinner at a restaurant called Fine. I know I know, this blog is about Huron County, but Fine is literally a hop skip and a jump past the Huron County sign. Its about a 17 second drive from the County so I figured everyone would forgive me.

You will defiantly forgive me after you go to Fine and eat. In fact you may say that I changed your life even. Fine is more than fine, (the obvious pun) it is incredible! It’s a very tiny restaurant that seats about 35 inside, with the most amazing food! Honestly, I am mildly obsessed.

Last night I ordered lobster perogies as my app. They were a-maz-ing! They were not your typical perogies, they came with a creamy sauce and were covered with lobster. The pastry was clearly homemade, and a little crunchy like a pie crust. I literally could eat them every single day of my life!

For my main I had roasted chicken risotto with asparagus, and my lovely date had the fish special with garlic mash. Both dishes were absolutely perfect!

The whole experience was so wonderful from start to finish. Our server was great as well, very knowledgably and friendly. If I was a food critic I would give 5 stars, or if I was Robert and Ethert, whatever their names are, the movie critics, I would say Fine gets 2 thumbs up! This place is defiantly worth checking out. But like I said its fairly small, so make a reservation!!

– Kaylie

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Interview with the one and only Tyler Hessel!

5 May

Yesterday afternoon I stopped in at Tyler Hessel’s store in Bayfield, called Outside Projects. I wanted to chat with him because he is someone that is very actively involved within the community, as well as being a store owner, he is also Counselor at large in Bluewater. Enjoy the video.