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and the Juno goes to….

28 Mar

Last night was Canada’s biggest night in music. It was the 40th annual Juno awards. I watch the award show every year, but this year it was different. I was far more interested this year. The reason I was more interested was because I had seen a number of the nominees perform live previously. In the last few years, Peter Meades, of Bayfield Ontario created the Bayfield Concert series, bringing in talent from all over Canada. Royal Wood, Basia Bulat, Hannah Georgas, and Justin Rutledge were all at this years Juno, and I had seen them all perform this year as well thanks to Peter.

These are not the only talents Meades has brought our way, Ron Sexsmith came last summer, and in case you do not know who Ron Sexsmith is, let me help you out, Michael Buble claimed him to be one of the most talented people he had ever worked with, oh and he also had dinner at Paul McCartney’s house, no biggy or anything!  Pete also has booked many hip hop shows which include Maestro Fresh Wes, Choclair and Ghettosocks, who was up for his first juno award, in the same category as Drake!  So, if you are a fan of live music. Good live music for that matter, you do not have to travel far to get to see some seriously incredible acts! The more I think about it, the more reasons I find that you never need to leave Huron County 😉





This is the official link, however, work is currently being done on it, so its not fully updated.


Has Spring Sprung?

28 Mar

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Hello everyone! Beauty day outside today, +5 and sunny , im beginning to become optimistic that the snow might actually be leaving for good!!!  I am starting to have that itch that occurs at the end of winter, that itch to be outside again. I’m daydreaming about going for hikes, and bike rides, going back to the river, seeing the leaves turn green and the flowers start to bloom. I am a very lucky lady to live where I live, my fathers property is fairly large, and a large portion of that property is forest.  My father takes his land very seriously and every since I can remember he has made sure to continue to improve the forested areas that we have. One of things I look forward most to each spring, is to walk back into the bush by the river and see the carpet of trilliums that grow wildly. There are thousands and thousands of them just blanketing the ground. I have to admit it is pretty breathtaking.

I really started to appreciate just how lucky I am when I went away to university. Living in the city for the first time was very new to me and also very exciting! Needless to say boredom wasn’t on the agenda. However, as the months past, I began to miss the beautiful environment that makes up Huron County. That spring when I came home for summer holidays my eyes quickly began to open to what Huron County had to offer aesthetically. We are so blessed to live where we live. There are numbers of nature walking trails throughout the county, we can access the rivers to fish, and canoe, we live minutes away from a beautiful beach with the most astonishing sunsets, not to mention the boardwalk along the Goderich coastlines. I am patiently (well attempting to be patient atleast) waiting for the snow to melt and for spring to begin so I can once again take advantage of the natural beauty that is Huron County



Yes I know, i eat out a lot!

21 Mar


I am sure that most of you have noticed that I blog about food a lot, I just wanted to briefly defend myself, 1) there are so many places to eat I cant help it, 2) I consider it research, 3) I LOVE FOOD!! Ok now that I have cleared the air; let me tell you about where I went today for lunch! I went to J’s Bistro, I hadn’t been there in a while and I was craving a sandwich.  I ordered the smoked turkey sandwich, topped with tomato, bacon, cucumber, and cranberry chutney, and my friend had the burger. I had never had the burger there before so I insisted I try it, and let me tell you, it was delicious!


I love the vibe and atmosphere of J’s Bistro its very relaxed, and mellow. You never feel rushed or stressed, and everything is made fresh, which is very important to me! They also put emphasis on all their food being healthy and as local as possible. Its nice to see a little restaurant caring so much about the quality of their product.


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