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Good Times in the Mud

27 May

By Diva Trista Russell

Yesterday I had the chance to check out the 2012 South Huron Mud Bogg’n event in Exeter. If you like ATVs and mud, then this is the event for you! There was riders of all ages racing in the mud pits, which goes to show that we never stop loving to play in the mud as we get older! It was especially fun to watch the young kids race.

After doing some research, I found out that mud bogging is popular off-road motorsport in Canada. Riders attempt to drive a four-wheeled vehicle through the entire length of a mud pit, in the fastest time possible. After seeing more than a few riders get stuck, I’m convinced that it’s harder than it looks to steer through the mud.

I was really impressed to see such a large number of volunteers helping out throughout the day. With the great sunny weather and the spectactors cheering on the local riders, the atmosphere at Mud Bogg’n was definitely very exciting and entertaining!

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