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Sexy Laundry: A mid-life attempt to rekindle romance

12 Jun
Gabrielle Jones and Sheldon Davis in Sexy Laundry, Huron Country Playhouse II, 2015 Season. Photographer: Darlene O'Rourke

Gabrielle Jones and Sheldon Davis in Sexy Laundry, Huron Country Playhouse II, 2015 Season. Photographer: Darlene O’Rourke

By Diva Christine Harris

I was pleased to be one of the lucky Divas assigned to check out one of the plays at Huron Country Playhouse.

Last year I went to see a British farce called Look, No Hans at Playhouse II, and the classic Les Miserables on the Mainstage.

HCPgazeboThis theatre truly is a gem in our backyards, with outstanding performances and great ticket prices. I was given a warm welcome by the staff at the box office and offered VIP cards that treated my date and me to refreshments after the show. This year the Playhouse is celebrating its 44th season and is enjoying the new addition of a beautiful large gazebo at the front of the property. General Manager, Peter Black has invited us to picnic there before seeing one of the shows. In the crowd were special guests during opening night, South Huron Mayor Maureen Cole and Deputy Mayor David Frayne. After the show as with any opening night, we are invited for a luncheon and to meet the cast.

I have to say, this is probably the funniest show I have seen yet! With a packed crowd, there were lots of laughs and even a few gasps of surprise! I can tell you a little bit about the show, but I don’t want to give it away because you really need to see it for yourselves. This Canadian comedy, written by Vancouver’s own Michele Riml is about a couple that has been married for 25 years. Henry, played by Sheldon Davis, and Alice, played by Gabrielle Jones, are getting away for the weekend in a swanky hotel to try to reignite the flame that is their marriage. Armed with the book “Sex for Dummies” Alice is determined to spend the weekend spicing up their love life, and Henry keeps getting distracted by the cost of the hotel and all of its additional amenities. The constant banter back and forth between the couple had the audience in stitches, Alice always having to be right and Henry being reluctant to try new things. It makes them evaluate where their marriage has gone in those 25 years, and how they’ve changed throughout the years.

Regular performance tickets are $42 for adults; $25 for youths under 20 (although this show is not recommended for children), groups of 20 or more are $34. Sexy Laundry runs until June 27th. Tickets can be purchased in person at the Huron County Playhouse, online a or by calling the Box Office at (519) 238-6000 or toll free at 1-855-drayton (372-9866).