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I’m baaaack!

25 Jun

Hello my dear  friends!

I am very sorry that I have not been around this last week, just had a few things going on, but I am back and ready to blog! So first things first I will tell you about my wonderful night out in Huron County last night. It began in St Josephs at Tuscan Greek for appetizers and wine. We had Spanakopita, which is phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta cheese, with a side of tzatziki, and saganaki flaming cheese, with grilled pitas. Considering we went for appetizers, I left feeling quite full. Flaming cheese is very filling. I am not joking about this flaming cheese either, they literally bring it to the table, throw some brandy on it and light it on fire! Opah! Scary, yet delicious. I don’t recommend ordering it if you are on a diet 🙂

                     <—- flaming cheese, it is not on fire anymore, but it was still                                  bubbling pretty good!







Spanakopita, as usual I got over-excited and ate  before taking a picture of the dish. Oopsie 🙂          ——->





After we finished our appetizers, we headed back to Bayfield to the Little Inn for our entrée. But being the ridiculous person that I am, I needed to try one tiny little appetizer, and I am SO glad I did. It was a grilled cheese with a twist. The bread was coated in duck fat with three cheeses and prosciutto. Oh man – perfection! This time it wasnt my fault that the picture got taken after we started eating because my date dove in before I even had a chance!



SO TASTY! it was like a party in my mouth!!!






After we demolished the fancy grilled cheese we were ready for our mains! I ordered beef filet with carrots and a fancy potato with mushrooms, and Jd had the ‘fish and chips’. The cool thing about this dish was there actually were no chips at all.  Instead the fish was battered in a potato batter, rather than the traditional beer batter. Both were out of this world. The beef was 10 oz of pure perfection and the fish had the most amazing crunch. They both were so perfect! We were feeling quite full though after all the appetizers consumed before hand. But I will let you know, the steak leftovers made a mean sandwich today!!


After all that I was feeling very full and very satisfied! But then, to our surprise, we were treated with the most amazing sorbet I have ever tasted. Strawberry and champagne. It was honestly the most amazing and delicious thing of all time! Ugh, I want more! It was the perfect night out in Huron County.

– Kaylie