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The 182 Year Old Inn

24 Feb

IMG_4549 (Large)by Diva Trista Russell

I subscribe to the Little Inn of Bayfield’s e-newsletter, and this past January I saw that the Inn was offering a great winter deal as part of their 182nd anniversary: stay in the room of your choice, $50 dining voucher and full country breakfast for $182 for two people!

Since February 14th was coming up, I treated my Valentine to a great getaway that wasn’t far away from home, but was a nice change of scenery. We both had never stayed at the Little Inn before, so it was a new experience for us. The Little Inn of Bayfield has a CAA Four Diamond Award for lodging and dining and it’s Ontario’s longest continually operating inn. Wow!

The Little Inn of Bayfield

The Little Inn of Bayfield

IMG_4534We arrived early for the snowshoe adventure (see my last post for details), and the reception staff was very friendly and welcoming. There were guests milling about, some enjoying coffee and a good book in the front parlour by the fireplace, and others enjoying a late lunch in the dining room. Innkeper Darren Erb led us to one of the Carriage House rooms which is a bit more spacious than the Original Rooms. Room 31 featured a queen size Tempurpedic bed, small sitting area (complete with mohair throw from the Old Mill in Blyth), ensuite bathroom with standup shower, and view to the historic Main Street. The bed with custom made duvet was very comfy, although it was so high you literally had to climb up into bed (there were actually stools provided!). Two heart-shaped sugar cookies were waiting on the bed upon arrival, which was a nice treat after snowshoeing.

Lake Huron fish and chips and mushroom risotto

Lake Huron fish and chips and mushroom risotto

For dinner we enjoyed Lake Huron fish and chips and mushroom risotto, as well as a warm apple tart with chocolate ice cream for dessert in the Carriage House dining room. Nearby in the Original Inn dining room guests were enjoying an Around the World Wine and Dine event featuring food and wine pairings from all over the world. If we weren’t so stuffed, we would have tried the Hayter’s Turkey Poutine which was made with gnocchi fries, devils rock blue cheese, chive seedlings, turkey veloute…sounds yummy and interesting! I especially enjoyed their speciality tea after dinner, which was a decaf vanilla blend. The Inn also shares some of their favourite dining room recipes on their website.

Diva Trista at The Little Inn of Bayfield

Diva Trista at The Little Inn of Bayfield

There were couples young and old, and even families with small children (they have a children’s menu) enjoying dinner in the dining room. The little girl next to us so well behaved and was quite entertaining: at the end of dinner she put her utensils “to bed” under her napkin! What was nice was that throughout the meal our server explained the ingredients and how the food was prepared, and we didn’t feel rushed even though we spent over 2 hours enjoying a candlelight dinner.

Breakfast was a continental buffet of cereals, fruit, yogurt, breads, jams, and juices as well as an item off the hot breakfast menu. We enjoyed the French toast and Spanish omelet and we were quite full by the end! I especially enjoyed the homemade banana bread and local coffee from the Coastal Coffee Company. The Little Inn features locally grown and raised products from Huron County, as their breakfast featured sides of Exeter tomatoes and Metzger’s bacon and sausage.

The LittleInn is quite charming with its antique furniture, traditional decor, and friendly service, so it’s nice to see that it is still operating since 1832! Every January they close for their annual “winter’s rest” where they give the Inn a facelift such as refinishing the original wood plank floors in the dining room. While it is a historic Inn, it still offers much of the same modern amenities as other inns and hotels (such as free wireless internet), and it’s evident that they maintain the Inn without sacrificing its original character. I thought with the older plumbing, the shower would be just lukewarm, but it was the hottest water I’ve ever experienced!

This package was a great deal and it shows that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to stay in a beautiful historic Inn. Considering that the cost for the room was slightly over $100 with the breakfast and dinner amounts removed, I think most would find it difficult to get quality accommodations elsewhere at that price. Along with the great price, parking was nearby and free, shopping was literally down the street, and the service and charm was much greater than what you’d find in the city!

The Little Inn of Bayfield
26 Main Street North, Bayfield, Ontario
Telephone: 1-800-565-1832 or (519) 565-2611
Email: frontdesk@littleinn.com
Web: www.littleinn.com
Check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for deals and specials!

parlour at the Little Inn

parlour at the Little Inn

Diva Trista is snuggled in during a winter retreat at the Little Inn of Bayfield

Diva Trista is snuggled in during a winter retreat at the Little Inn of Bayfield


Turkey: My favourite grilling meat

28 Jun

By: Diva Jenna Ujiye

For the past couple of years my choice of meat for grilling and BBQ’ing has been turkey. I do like to BBQ almost anything, but have had great luck and mouthwatering meals with turkey! Many people think of it as a holiday meat, where the menu usually consists of a full bird filled with stuffing, served with mashed potatoes and gravy.  There are many parts of the turkey you can use for everyday and every occasion!

The first 2012 Taste of Huron Food for Thought dinner is taking place on July 10 at the Little Inn of Bayfield. The topic they have chosen is turkey! I can’t wait. If you are looking for local food or Taste of Huron information, visit here – www.tasteofhuron.ca of and book your tickets soon, these dinners always sell out!


Here are the details:

Turkey Tales

Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Cost: $40 per person (does not include: beverages, taxes or service). Wine flight (optional) to match courses is an additional $20 (1 glass with each course; all grape styles that will be grown in the County).
Hosted by: The Little Inn of Bayfield
Reservations: 1-800-565-1832

Learn about the history of the wild turkey in Huron County! Mike Malhiot, a biologist from the Ministry of Natural Resources will discuss our native wild turkey from its historic origins to its extirpation from the forests of Southern Ontario to its return through the highly successful provincial restoration program. You will also learn about the biology of the species and the origins of the domestic turkey industry.

First Course
Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho/Blue Cheese Powder/Red Sorrel/EVOO Gelato

Second Course
Charred Hayter’s Turkey Tenderloin/Sweet Corn Sabayon/Heirloom Vegetables/Blueberry Miso

Third Course
White Chocolate Panna Cotta/Local Peach Gazpacho/Blackberry Caviar/Cotton Candy Floss

Location: The Little Inn
26 Main Street North, Bayfield, Ontario N0M 1G0


There are five other dinners to come this summer and fall!

Taste of Huron is over :(

13 Sep

Hello all!!!

Alright so just this past weekend, Taste of Huron came to an end… I had mixed feelings about this. I was slightly saddened. For two weeks I ate the best food that Huron County had to offer. A minimum of three courses, all which included a fantastic dessert! I ate at the Blyth Inn, the Black Dog, the Little Inn, Eddingtons, Hessenland, the Fireside Cafe and finally I finished the Taste of Huron of with the Gala. All the restaurants were so fantastic and I enjoyed them all.

I am however feeling a slight sense of relief.. I ate soooo much in the last two weeks, I wont lie to you. I may have gained a few pounds, but it was totally  worth it!

I will provide a short slideshow of just a few of the delicious things I was able to consume ..

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YOU SHOULD BE! that was only about a quarter of what I got to eat! But no worries my friends, the Taste of Huron is an annual event and now you KNOW that you MUST come and attend Taste of Huron next year!


Sushi in the county? whaaaa?

29 Jun

Hey everyone,

A few days ago I mentioned about how I had the perfect weekend. Well the weekend didn’t stop! It continued until the wee hours of Sunday evening. I went back to the Little Inn – yup I was there Friday and Sunday night, it’s that good. However, Sunday was for a very special event, SUSHI NIGHT!  It was the chefs birthday and he had his friend come down and make sushi, with a fusion twist.  As much as I absolutely love Huron County, there is somewhat of a lack of ethnicity when it comes to cuisine, so as soon as I heard sushi was coming to down I was 100% on board!

Needless  to say the food was absolutely amazing! It was 7 courses of perfection. I took a picture of every course for you so you can be jealous of what I got to enjoy! I would write a description of everything, however, there was too much to remember, with a bunch of words I have never heard of, let alone pronounce.  I may also had a few glasses of wine, so my memory isn’t 100% -oopies! I do however remember that the food was perfect, the service was perfect, the night was perfect. The Little Inn is such a great place to go and have a night out.

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One Busy Diva

31 May

Hey everyone!! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I sure did! In the last few weeks I feel like I have been a full time diva going all over Huron County, I have so much stuff to fill you in on. I’ll start with last week in Blyth and Brussels. Jenna and I had a quick meeting in Goderich and then headed to Brussels for a Diva photo shoot. By a Diva photo shoot I mean that Jenna needed a few photos from some provincial work she was involved with and she needed an extra – aka Me – Super Diva! Before we went to Brussels we made a quick trip to the Blyth Inn for lunch. I hadn’t been there in years and was pleasantly surprised with the menu. It has four pages of food – a full one and a half just for appetizers. Needless to say it took me longer to decide what I wanted to eat than it did for the food to come out.! It was really tasty I ordered a flat bread with turkey, tomatoes, onions, and cheese and Jenna had a veggie wrap. T’was tasty let me tell you!


After lunch we jumped in the car and headed to Brussels to start the photoshoot. Jenna has all those pictures and will put some up later on – after she air brushes and edits me!

Ok, so as I mentioned above I have been very busy these last few weeks. I complained all winter about having nothing to do, and was struggling to find anything interesting to blog about, and now I feel like I cannot keep up! Every weekend there is an event! But I am just one diva, so please forgive me … I do my best! I did have time to make a quick trip to the ArtSee Café on Main street in Bayfield. I had a soccer game Saturday afternoon and I needed a hearty lunch to get me in game mode. The ArtSee was perfect because their main focus is on fresh, local and healthy ingredients. I never feel guilty after stuffing my face at the ArtSee -in fact, I feel great. The food tastes so good that I always feel satisfied and happy about the healthy choices. Also, I feel it very important to make sure you all know how delicious their breakfasts are! So fresh, so good! I don’t know how they make scrambled eggs taste so good!!!

Lastly, I shall tell you about today! This beautiful hot and sunny day!  I hadn’t been to the Little Inn in quite some time, but had heard from a number of people about how good the lunch menu was.

I will let you know, the menu is limited, it only has about 6 appitizers and 5 mains, BUT all the options are fantastic! That’s the thing with fine dining restaurants, since everything is hand made, slow roasted and made to order, they typically have fewer options, which you would think would make your life much easier right? Only having to decide between 5 or 6 things. Well if you think it makes your life easier you are wrong! The server had to come back to the table three times before I made up my mind!

I also feel that a number of people shy away from fine dining either because it’s too expensive, they are unsure what the food ‘is’, or that portion sizes may not be worth the money you’re spending. The first thing I would say is never worry about not knowing what items are, that is what your server is there for. We are a small county that is very friendly! No one will turn their nose at you if you are unsure about an item. When I first started working in the restaurant business I knew nothing! But now, after asking a tonne of questions and trying everything in sight I feel that I know a lot about food.  Also (I’m going to let you in on a little secret here – shh), if you do not want to spend a huge chunk of change at one of these ‘fine dining’ restaurants – go for lunch. You would be surprised  at how inexpensive it is. Bailey’s, Thyme on 21, the Red Pump and the Little Inn are four examples of restaurants that are more of a fine dining experience, but also offer a very reasonable lunch.

Today at the Little Inn,  I was floored by how much food was on my plate! I ordered the arugula Caesar salad to start and my lovely friend had a tomato and goat cheese tart. I was basically satisfied after that and the homemade bread we had to start. Then we both ordered the beef sandwich. O MY G** !!! Not only was it absolutely amazing, but it was also huge. It definitely could have been shared between two people! We ended up each packing up half to take home for later. This was one of the tastiest sandwiches I have ever sunk my teeth into! The meat was cooked to medium with sautéed mushrooms and a delicious barbeque sauce. Ohh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! It also came out with some homemade onion rings! Bah! It was perfection.

I am someone who is really passionate about food, and I gotta say, going out to nice places for lunch is amazing. You get that fine dining experience, without burning a huge whole in your wallet!!! It really is a win win situation!