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Local photography showcased at Elizabeth’s Art Gallery

12 Jun


By Diva Heather Boa

GODERICH – I’ve had a peek at the favourite memories of about 20 friends and strangers.

One after another, I’ve seen photos of their families, pets, vacations, and everyday life. I’ve seen what’s captured their imagination and what they want to remember. There’s all displayed on the walls of Elizabeth’s Art Gallery, on this opening night of the 11th Annual DPI Photography Exhibition.

Tucked in the corner is a closeup square shot of a man’s hands, tanned and weathered, gently engulfing a woman’s much paler, fisted hands. It’s a photo Barb Lassaline took of two friends. Looming above, just to the left, is a panoramic view from the front of an orange canoe with a paddle at rest over the bow, looking out over the calm waters, which meet a vivid blue sky somewhere in the distance. Sally Walker snapped this one during a visit to a friend’s cottage north of Bobcaygeon. Then there’s a Toronto streetscape with the Red Rocket crossing from the right, a herd of elephants looking into a camera in Tanzania, a quiet shot of Ball’s Bridge over the Maitland River, and a row of colourful cowboy boots lined up for sale.

Since I’m from town, many of the photographers are known to me, and I marvel that they are so talented. Many of the photographers are unknown to me, and I’m just as amazed by the beauty of their work – the stories I’m urged to imagine these images tell. There are composite photos, textured photos and tinted photos; photos where the photographer planned for the shot and photos where the photographer planned how to manipulate the shot on the computer.

It’s inspiring and makes me want to join the DPI Photography Group this fall.

The DPI Photography Group consists of photographers of all ages and ability levels who meet at the Gallery the second Thursday

Sally Walker gives a hand to Marilyn Potter, as she takes photos of her unique photography printed on purses.

Sally Walker gives a hand to Marilyn Potter, as she takes photos of her unique photography printed on purses.

of every month from October to June. Each meeting they are assigned a topic of interest as a general guideline for shooting, then their work is presented with an open critiquing discussion followed by tips and tricks, using mainly Photoshop as the choice photo editing program. Topics covered include such as how to use various modes on your camera, composition, lighting, posing and printing.

The images that capture the imaginations of the DPI Photography Group are on exhibit for public viewing until June 30. Most of the photography is available for sale.

11th Annual DPI Photography Exhibition

Where: Elizabeth’s Art Gallery, 54 Courthouse Square, Goderich, ON

When: Until June 30. Gallery open Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact: 519-524-4080 or artinfo@elizabeths.ca