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Dinner at Hessenland with a heaping of precision, consistency

7 Dec

hessenland1By Diva Heather Boa

ST. JOSEPH – There are two reasons to be a fan of the simply elegant European dining experience at Hessenland Country Inn: Precision and consistency.

With the ownership team of Liz Ihrig at front of house and Frank Ihrig in charge of the kitchen, there is a never-failing attention to detail that is almost spooky.

We’re here for a business meeting of eight women – the annual meeting of the Ontario Travel Divas, with a photography seminar provided by Erin Samuell of A Simple Photograph, division of blog ideas for the next year, and dinner. We’re in luck because the restaurant is open this weekday night to accommodate a Christmas party in its vast main dining room, with a wall of windows and patio doors that provide a picturesque view of the countryside near the shores of Lake Huron.

IMG_4928We meet in an intimate space at the front of the restaurant, and hear not a peep from the party.

Twinkling white Christmas lights in garland border the window and stockings carefully hung on the mantle serve as a backdrop to a table perfectly laid out with silverware, carafes of water set at intervals.

I could order with my eyes closed: Kalbs Schnitzel Wiener Art ($24.95), which is a Huron County veal that’s been breaded and sautéed, with just enough smooth, brown gravy to make it decadent. And on the side I choose spaetzle, a soft egg noodle that is delicious without adornment, and red cabbage, made interesting with clove and something sweet. This is the same order I have every time, and every time it looks and tastes just as wonderful (unless it’s Mongolian Grill night, when I choose a whack of raw meat and vegetables and take it outside to the grill for frying and spicing by Frank.)


On a visit this past summer, the kitchen also made a special order birthday Pavlova, a fussy dish with its meringue base, topped with fruit and whipped cream.

Our waitstaff finds the perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness, somehow always managing to appear when we’re in need but disappearing from the cozy dining space when we are settled.

Hessenland also serves its own beer, Hessenland Helles Bavarian style beer, and this spring will begin planting grapevines with the expectation of pouring its first glass of wine in 2018.

Hessenland is currently running pre-Christmas hours, Friday and Saturday for dinners only. Group reservations for 20 people or more on the remaining weekdays until Dec. 17, at which time it closes until Spring.





Spring is here!

7 Apr

by Travel Diva Jenna

Hiking Guide Cover

Finally we have reached temperatures above 10 degrees! I am excited to get out and Hike this year. Did you know that Huron has 29 hiking trails? What a great opportunity we have in the area! I haven’t decided what trail to start with, so please send me your recommendations. Take a look at the Hiking guide here: www.hikehuron.ca

A great lunch and a new Diva

4 Mar

By Diva Jenna Ujiye

The past two months I have been emailing back and forth with a new friend and the newest Ontario Travel Diva. I would like to welcome Trista Russel of Exeter on as our newest Diva. Trista has lived in Huron County most of her life and loves to attend local events, attractions and restaurants.

Diva Trista Russell

We decided to meet at one of my favourite local restaurants in Huron is Eddingtons of Exeter. Chef James always has a great menu with unique local food items on it. The menu changes seasonally, so I try to make it there at least every three months. On Friday I had the Gourmet Mac & Cheese and Trista had the daily soup and chicken wrap special and of course it was served with warm fresh bread and butter!

After we finished our main course Chef James came out and we had a nice chat about local events and where he gets some of the fresh food he serves. On Thursday nights it is Gourmet Pizza night, I haven’t made it down yet, but I hear it is amazing and I plan on getting there soon… Baked Potato and Bacon Pizza, yum!

I’m really excited for Trista to come on board with the Divas, after spending an hour with her I could tell that she will have some great posts and photos to come!

For more information on Eddingtons you can find them on Facebook or visit http://www.eddingtons.ca/

Had a great summer, I’m back to blogging!

8 Nov

By: Diva Jenna

Well, the summer flew by, and I will say that I had a great summer! Unfortunately, this means that I just didn’t blog, at all. I am back though I had so many great experiences this summer and will try to tell you all about everything!

Yes, I know, summer isn’t just over, but fall is now coming to an end. I am actually getting pretty excited about winter. Skiing, cozy nights, beer tastings, hot chocolate, snow. When you live in Canada you have to love all four seasons, especially winter. Well I guess you don’t have to love them all, but if you hate winter, a good 4-6 months of your year will not be fun!

Over the next few months I plan to write regularly and post all of my travels through out Ontario’s West Coast!

I’m headin’ for breakfast!

11 Aug

By: Diva Jenna Ujiye

August 13, 2011 marks the annual “Breakfast in the Park” in St. Josephs. I have never been to this event and plan to head for some good food and a bit of “Garage Sailing”, as my mom would call it! Not only is it the St.Josephs breakfast, but it is also the Zurich Town Yard Sale and Firemans breakfast. My plan is as follows:

  1. Head to St.Josephs, be there for 7am
  2. Take in the heritage of the tiny village
  3. Eat breakfast (#1)
  4. Head to Zurich, shop and explore (find some treasure)
  5. Eat breakfast (#2)

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so I don’t mind eating two of the at all! I think this adventure will be quite interesting, the people of the town seem to have quite the sense of humour! When I was looking up information on the the Zurich event, both the town website and the Fire Department had funny jokes on them. Here is the one from the fire department page:


Don’t let this happen to you!

Be sure to park AWAY from the fire hydrants!  Remember, it’s the law…

Anchors Away

15 Jul

Hey Hey everyone! Its Friday night woohoo! Its officially the weekend! and not just any weekend at that… its BEER TENT! The most celebrated and loved weekend in Goderich! So if you are looking for a place to have a few drinks and socialize, head to Goderich on the sqaure!

Alright, now that we know what we are all doing this weekend, we can discuss what I did this week. On Tuesday Jenna and I got together to have a meeting to talk about our plans for The Taste Of Huron. With all that talk about food in Huron County we started to get really hungry. We decided to road trip to Wingham and head to Anchors Pub for a bite to eat. Jenna had mentioned how whenever she is in Wingham she heads to Anchors so I wanted to try it out.

It was a really cute place, and the food was tasty! I had cajon whitefish with potato salad, and Jenna ordered a chicken burger with sweet potato fries and spicy mayo. Yummy!

The best part of this blog is that I feel like no matter where I go in Huron County, I know all the best places to go!


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Sunshine, Shopping, and Swimming

12 Jul

Ahh, another lovely weekend in Huron County! I mentioned a few days ago about the Art Mart in Goderich this weekend. On Saturday I was able to head up and check out all the shopping! It was amazing as usual. Jd purchased some kangeroo meat which was made in B.C, and we sampled about 50 different dips! Glad we didnt eat lunch before we went! We walked around for a few hours admiring all the unique items. I did however, save my favourite booth for last. Its a jewelry stand with all the jewelry handmade by Daniel Poolak, and it is aaaamazing!!!! I found a bracelet that I instantly fell in love with and had to have!

I finished up at the art mart and went to Thyme on 21 for a lunch with my bestest friend Meghan, her boyfriend, and my darling friend Jd. As always lunch was delicious! I absolutely LOVE Thyme on 21, the food and service is always exceptional! Three of us ordered the special, which was a pork and gruyere sandwich. Steve and I had it with tomato and dill soup, and Jd ordered it with the caesar salad,  while Meghan ordered the souffle.

After that we head back to Steve’s to swim all afternoon and enjoy the sunshine 🙂 It was the perfect Saturday!

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