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It’s Turkey Time (at Hayter’s)

14 Dec

Hayters Store SignIt’s that time of year when turkey is on everyone’s mind … and fork, so I thought it would be a great time to share this story about Hayter’s.  Enjoy!

Since 1984 this family-owned turkey farm in Dashwood is the place where the Hayter family has developed its passion for premium quality. Their devotion to taste and tradition in every aspect of turkey farming and turkey products continues through three generations and was evident when we met with Joanne recently.

This family decided to raise turkeys because their land was poor and they found that turkey manure proved to be the best fertilizer. They had farmed beef and cash crops until 1993.

The Hayter’s have 13 barns and this is only turkey farm in Huron County that also has the processing plant. 

Hayters Farm

Hayters Turkey grow poults from one day old until they reach average market size of 35lbs, taking toms up to 16 weeks.  The hens go to market at 13 weeks at about 18 pounds. Hayters raise 160,000 turkeys per year on their farm in South Huron.

Their onsite store was built in 1983 and has been expanded a couple of times since, although the Hayter’s have had a farm outlet for 50 years.  The more recent addition of the LCBO agency store brought increased notice of their products, particularly with the summer market travelling to the lakeshore.

Hayter Store 2

Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving is still the biggest sales opportunities for fresh turkeys.  To expand their market, further processing was needed to meet the needs of a time-challenged consumer.  Thus, turkey sausage, schnitzel, marinated fillets, wings and drumsticks, and burgers were added to their product lists.   Also offered through the store are frozen and fresh turkey products and condiments.  Hayter’s Turkey products are labelled with the Foodland Ontario brand.

Hayters Turkey employs 70,  including 5 extended family members.  Joanne’s brother Tom earned an animal poultry science degree from Guelph.  One son heads the marketing division in Toronto.   Joanne told us that they do ship to western Canada, but currently have no interest in the US market.  And, they attend farmer’s markets seasonally in North Bay, Sudbury and Sault St. Marie.  

A quota system for raising turkeys came into effect in 1970.  However, the Hayters Farm was a significant size at that time so that percentage of their quota doesn’t cost.  In Canada, farmers can’t grow more than 50 birds without a quota.

The processing plant at the Hayter Farm is provincially regulated.  Regular Inspections are deemed “necessary” as this family feels it is vital to promoting the message that their products are safe and healthy options.   Joanne feels they do have a voice but it’s difficult to advocate for change and to keep ahead of the ever-evolving health requirements while operating this size of business.

Joanne’s favourite product is the marinated fillets, and she wants everyone to know how healthy turkey is with just 2% fat in the breast.

Breast up – 450 degrees for 1/2 hour uncovered; then 2 – 2.5 hours at 350 covered.

Check the website for virtual tours of their farm – coming soon!

Hayters Turkey
37467 Dashwood Rd, R.R. 2, Dashwood
Ontario N0M 1N0


A New Thanksgiving Tradition

17 Nov

by Diva Calista Powell
As our American neighbours prepare for their Thanksgiving feasts, I can’t help but reminisce about the amazing dinner that my family had this year. After visiting the Howick Fall Fair and seeing the wide variety of vegetables grown by my fellow Huron-Countians, I made it my goal to support local when selecting my Thanksgiving produce. Starting with the main attraction for this year’s meal, we picked up a fresh Hayter’s turkey. The great thing about Hayter’s is that you don’t have to drive too far in the county to get one, as they have a number of supermarkets where they distribute their products. Next on my grocery list was bread for the stuffing. Tasty-Nu Bakery and Cheese House in Zurich made this really easy. It just so happened that the last Goderich Farmer’s Market was happening on the Saturday before our big meal, so we picked up some carrots, potatoes for mashing, and my personal favourite- broccoflower (a hybrid of broccoli and cauliflower).

Steaming broccoflower and carrots from the Goderich Farmer’s Market.

Steaming broccoflower and carrots from the Goderich Farmer’s Market.

Grandma Polly says it’s turkey time. Thank-you Hayter’s Farm!

Grandma Polly says it’s turkey time. Thank-you Hayter’s Farm!

With the Christmas season around the corner, another family meal needs to be prepared. Even though the snow has made a recent appearance, you can still get great local produce. I recently became aware of the year-round Farm to Table box that offers Bruce and Huron residents produce grown in our region. This program is volunteer-run and have many locations for pick-up.

For schedules and more information about the Farm to Table Box email farmtotablebox@gmail.com or leave a message at 519-335-3493. For updates, follow them on Twitter (@farmproducebox) or like them on Facebook.
To see where you can purchase Hayter’s Farm products visit their website at http://www.haytersfarm.com/.

Dinner is served!

Dinner is served!

A unique market experience at Old 86 didn’t disappoint!

15 Mar
Welcome to Old 86 Farmer's Market

Welcome to Old 86 Farmer’s Market

by Diva Karen
Last Saturday was a beautiful day to go for a tour, so I loaded up the Torrent and set out to visit the Old 86 Farmer’s Market near Molesworth and see just what all the fuss was about.  I was delighted to find an impressive collection of local preserves and products including

  • relishes and salsas from MacGougan Manor in Seaforth
  • local maple syrup from the Drudge Family* next door
  • Green Meat Market & Abbatoir’s frozen meat products
  • Hayter Farm frozen turkey products
  • jams and vinegars from Glenn Farms of Listowel
  • goat cheese of Wroxeter and
  • packaged gluten free mixes and bean products from Full of Beans in Bornholm.
MacGougan Manors Zucchini Relish

MacGougan Manors’ Zucchini Relish

Kountry Kitchen's Garlic Dills

Kountry Kitchen’s Garlic Dills

I couldn’t resist buying some delicious local hand-made goat cheese and settled on a mild Gouda Chili from Gordon’s Goat Dairy operated by Gordon & Bethany Edgar of Wroxeter.  Their website indicates they are makers of hard-to-find unique cheeses which include nineteen unique flavourful brands of harvarti, gouda, cheddar and goatserella.

I had heard about Full of Beans from the owner who I met at a Food Symposium in Stratford last fall.  I try to stick with a gluten free diet so was delighted to find these products so close to home.    I’ll let you know in a future column how the Spicey Carrot Cake and the maple baked beans turned out.

2013-03-09 11.28.31

There were rooms full of Murals in Metal and Wall Art to explore

2013-03-09 11.24.30

hardware and everyday tools

2013-03-09 11.21.54

books for children and adults; toys and more

2013-03-09 11.19.20

water toys .. including a double seated float to tow behind your boat

2013-03-09 11.07.35

locally sourced soy candles

2013-03-09 11.05.45

giftware including hand-bags, jewellery, garden stakes and gnomes

These local farm fresh products were just a small part of the unique market experience at Old 86.  Bargain hunters beware … your trip to this Liquidation warehouse will delight all your senses.  Packed with a wide variety of new products including furniture, appliances, home decor, tools, clothing, sporting goods, giftware, bedding, seasonal goods, hunting accessories, toys and more.  There is, truly, something for everyone!

The variety is endless…drop in and see for yourself!

Old 86 Farmer’s Market

44229 Amberley Road
Wroxeter Ontario
N0G 2X0

*I visited the Drudge Family to purchase my maple syrup right from the source.  I’ll let you know more about that in an upcoming post too.

Give the gift of meat!

14 Dec

By: Diva Jenna Ujiye

I’ve been trying to visit as many local stores as possible this wonderful season. I’ve been trying to get to as many stores in downtown Goderich as possible, as many of them are open (I hear over 70% pre-tornado) and they have some great deals!

Last week I ventured in to Shanahan’s Quality Meats to get some meat, bread and cheese. Cheese melts me, it really does. I would possibly be a size 4 if it wasn’t for cheese, but I would rather sacrifice and have my joy for the yummy milk based product! Anyway, I was so excited to see their wonderful selection. They have all cuts and varieties of meats, bake their own bread, have unique cheeses, sauces, jams and more!

A regular meal at my house has turkey in it, as it has become my fave. Shanahan’s brings in Hayter’s Turkey cuts, so I don’t have to head up to Dashwood as often. While I was in the store my mom mentioned to me that she got a 30 pound turkey cut into quarters and they only charged her for the bags, $4.00, now that’s customer service! Oh and they have fresh baked pies and a few other treats too.

So I say, give the gift of meat! If you are looking for that last minute present for someone who is hard to buy for, well everyone needs to eat right? Who wouldn’t love unwrapping a scrumptious prime rib roast on Christmas morning? Ok, well they do have gift certificates and non-perishable items as well, they will even make a great gift basket for you!

I have also heard they are making chili’s, soups and sandwiches fresh.I can’t wait to go back again, maybe lunch next week!

When I walk around the downtown I realize that I don’t just shop to buy things, I shop downtown to see friends and the great smiling faces of employees. I had planned on making it to every store on the Square in one day and only made it to four!

Shanahan’s Quality Meat Details:

104 Courthouse Square, Goderich, ON

1 226.421.6328

Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday – 9am to 6pm. Sunday – 11am to 4pm



Family owned and operated with: Butcher Shop, Deli Meats, Bakery, Cheese, Gourmet Foods.

All local/ Canadian Meat AAA. Cut fresh in store daily, meat packs available and Deli meats and cheese trays.

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A visitor from Banff – Part 2

24 May

On Tuesday we had a lunch meeting with Kaylie in Exeter. Marie wanted to see the area, so I wanted to make sure we drove through most of the County! We had already toured through Gorrie, Wroxeter, Wingham, Lucknow, Dungannon, Port Albert and Goderich, so Exeter was a perfect place to go.

When we got to Exeter the owner of Eddingtons, James, came out and chatted with us about a few things, including the Taste of Huron event! Kaylie already posted about our wonderful meal, but I thought I would add some more pictures of the food! Marie is quite the foodie and she loves to try different things, she mentioned that she even once ate Guinea Pig! I’ve never really eaten a rodent, but I guarenteed her that this meal would be better!

yummy bread!Spring RollsMaries meal

After our awesome meal at Eddington’s, we decided to try and find a White Squirrel. Exeter is known for their white squirrels and we hoped they wouldn’t be too hard to find! As luck would have it, as soon as we exited Edingtons, we spotted one, but didn’t have the good camera to get a close up. So we ran to the vehicle and followed the squirrel around the block!

White Squirrel

Our next destination was Hayter’s Turkey in Dashwood Ontario! I try to make it to the Hayter’s turkey store once a month… it is literally a one stop shop for turkey products. They have the turkey’s right on site, you can buy everything from whole turkey’s, soups, gravies, breasts, sausages and more. They also have a liquor store and local food products right on site. We bought a tonne of food and had a wonderful experience. They will even pack frozen foods in cardboard with ice so that it doesn’t thaw on it’s own! My favourite treat from Hayters is the pepperettes.

On the way home, we decided to stop in to Bayfield for a bit of shopping and a refreshing drink. Some of the stores weren’t open yet, but we still made a couple of purchases downtown! As you see from the photos, we had fun at the Copenhagens ice cream cone and our friend Becca at the Albion served us a refreshing beverage!

Check out tomorrows post for more of our Huron County tour!

A visitor from Banff – Part 1

23 May

My friend Marie from Banff called me up one day and said she was coming for a visit to Ontario. She said she had never been here and wanted me to show her around “Ontario’s West Coast.” She was only here for two days, but we were able to cram in lots of food and fun! First we made a stop at Shanahan’s Quality Meats in Goderich, where we picked up O’Briens sausage, bread and cheese. This place has some awesome local meat and unique food items.

Marie at my houseJennaWhen we got to my house Marie said she wanted to make us an appetizer dish, she mixed fresh garlic, brie cheese, olive oil and local maple syrup and baked it in the oven. Let me just say… yummy! It was so delicious and simple, we finished every drop.

For dinner we barbecued sausage and potatoes and had a spinach salad and wine with it. By the time we finished dinner it was time to go to bed and prepare for the next day!

I will be posting our next days adventure tomorrow, so make sure to check back!