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Vintage Pop Up

4 Apr

Last night my friend Nat and I headed over to Luann’s Flowers and Gifts in Goderich to check out the Hazlitt Vintage Rental pop up shop. NJS Design was also there to showcase some beautiful antique place settings.

There where so many cute and unique items mixed in with the already existing items! I’ll post a bunch of photos, so you can check out some of the great things for sale!

The pop up shop is open April 4, 5 & 6 from 10am to 5pm. If you are looking for vintage rentals, wedding ideas in Huron, or more information please visit www.hitchedinhuron.ca!












Stag and Doe

10 Mar

Hey all,

I am sitting in my kitchen right now looking out the window, its grey and pouring rain. I dont want to complain since rain is clearly better than snow, but come on already enough is enough, i need some sunshine in my life! How am i supposed to blog about the wonders and beauty of central huron if I dont want to go outside! Well, I cant control the weather, but I can brighten your spirits. Enough sitting inside with nothing to do, it is time to get excited for spring! Living in central huron we all know what spring means, STAG AND DOE SEASON!!!! finally, something to look forward too! This blog has a little bit of a selfish purpose, today I am  plugging my girl Steph Milleys stag and doe! She is marrying her high school sweetheart in July, and will be having a stag and doe on Saturday May 7th above the old arena! Tickets are going fast, however, I still have some! So, if you would like just send me a facebook message, or an emial, kaylieginn@gmail.com and I will hook you up. Looking forward to seeing everyones beautiful faces this spring 🙂